How To Finish Raw Edges Of Fabric Without Sewing?

Fabric is one type of material that is used to make things at home. In clothing, fabric plays a very important role because it provides comfortability while wearing clothes made from fabric.

If the raw edges of the fabric are not sewn then it can cause discomfort or other problems while using that particular cloth or another item that is made from that type of fabric.

To finish raw edges without sewing, it becomes important for us to know about these raw edges and the reasons behind them.

These raw edges appear when we do not cut our fabrics in straight lines. They can even appear after cutting our fabrics in straight lines if we don’t sew them properly with all the required stitching techniques.

They also appear on some types of fabrics which can tear as a result of pulling on them. To avoid all the problems that occur after these raw edges have been formed, we should know some basic techniques for finishing them without sewing.

To finish the unfinished edges of fabrics is not a very difficult task but it is essential if we want our clothes and other similar materials to be durable and long-lasting.

It makes no sense in spending so much money on buying clothes/fabrics from good stores just to use those same clothes for a short period because you don’t know how to preserve those items from being damaged or worn out too soon.

It became really difficult to finish my fabric at home with a hand stitching machine. I considered using the cold lamination technique, but I was not sure about it.

Then I asked my friend who told me that she uses this technique to finish all her fabrics and has never had any problems with them since then. I decided to follow the same method and it turned out great for me too.

How To Finish Raw Edges Of Fabric Without Sewing? (Step By Step)

Step 1:

Get a piece of cloth and cut your fabric in straight lines like you normally do while preparing anything.

Step 2:

Now get an iron box or any heavy object which weighs around 1 kg approx. Place the folded fabric inside the iron box/heavy object and leave it for around 30 minutes till all its creases are gone.

While sewing, make sure to use the sharp needle on the machine because if you don’t, it could damage your needle as well as spoil your entire material.

Step 3:

Once the creases are gone, open the box and you will see that your fabric is now soft and smooth to work with.

Now comes the main part which is finishing the raw edges of your material. Get a scissor whose blade width is less than 1/2 inch.

Step 4:

Fold your unfinished edge towards inside about 1 inch and then again fold it till its end like a triangle (try cutting only 2-3 inches at once while folding).

You can use pins for making perfect folds every time. If you find this method difficult, you should take help from someone who already knows how to do this easily without any hassle.

It took me little time to learn how to do this myself, but I was satisfied when I saw the results.

Step 5:

Now take your scissor and place it at a distance of around 1/2 inch from the end of your fabric. Gently cut off that entire folded part (1 to 2 inches) and then fold it again as you did before.

If you want, you can also use small pins for holding them in place while cutting them next time.

Step 6:

Repeat this process till all the raw edges are finely finished without sewing. Note: If you find any loose threads after finishing these raw edges, simply cut them with scissors because scissors make things easy when it comes to such tasks.

After getting rid of all these problems about how to finish raw edges without sewing, we should now think about how we can do it in the best way possible.

First Way:

If you are using this same technique for finishing raw edges of any dress material, then make sure to use only sharp scissors while doing so.

Dull scissors will not give you desired results and can increase your problems later on when your dress/material starts wearing out because of wrong cutting.

Second Way:

While cutting sewing thread very close to a fabric edge, do it slowly without making any sudden moves, or else that part of fabric could tear.

Always keep the dull side of scissors facing downwards if you want to cut everything easily without making many efforts. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it looks once you practice it a few times by yourself.

If you think that finishing these raw edges is taking too much of your time, then you can use alternative methods like sewing them or using the lamination technique.

Laminating machine is one of the best ways to finish all these raw edges without wasting too much time with hands-on practice.

I would suggest that you try another thing mainly because when you use the dry cleaning method, the texture and color of your clothes change and in some cases, it can be really bad. If you want to try this new system, make sure to use only professional dry cleaners who know what they are doing.

Sometimes, we don’t need techniques like these but we just need the right place for getting our clothes cleaned without any hassle.


So, these were some of the techniques that can help you finish raw edges without sewing. However, it’s not necessary that all these techniques will work for every material out there. You can try each one of them and then decide which one works best for your project.

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