How To Sew In Bra Cups For Backless Dresses?

Sew in bra cups for dresses is quite common in today’s wedding fashion. You might have seen them at bridal shops when you try on wedding dresses, but they are often expensive when purchased from boutiques. 

 If you want to wear a backless dress without the added expense of buying bra cups sewn into your dress, then I’m going to show you how to make fabric rosebuds that can be sewn into the top edge of a low backless dress.

If you’re short on time and money, these rosebuds provide a great solution for brides who don’t want their backless dresses coming undone or exposing too much skin. Plus they are simple enough to be completed in one evening.

Granted you can follow our tutorial to sew-in bra cups, but if you know-how, it’s pretty simple and cheap to make your fabric bra cups using the following method. If you’re thinking about making your backless dress or halter top, keep reading because I’m going to show you how to do it with this easy DIY-fabric bra cup project! So you need the materials 3mm or 0.079 in double-sided fusible stabilizer, cotton fabric (same color as your dress), thread, and sewing machine.

How To Sew In Bra Cups For Backless Dresses?

Step 1:

Cut the fabric to match the shape of your bra cup – you can use a simple piece of paper with the right size to trace around later if you want to add more than one layer.

You can also measure yourself and just cut out a simple piece that is about 2 inches bigger than the outline on your body when laid flat for this would allow the bra cups to fit better on thicker breasts or be placed inside a regular bra cup without having too much extra material poking out from under it.

Step 2:

Cut two pieces of 3mm 0.079 in fusible stabilizer, one slightly larger than the other. This is to allow you to fuse the two layers after sewing around the edges. Iron on one piece at a time, making sure to cover all areas of the fabric thoroughly for this would make it easier, later on, to go over the edges with an overlock machine stitch.

Step 3:

Once both pieces are fused onto each side of your bra cup, fold down 1/8″ (3mm) along with one edge and sew down along that line to create a hemmed edge – this will be important later when you’re turning this into a pocket so that the inside doesn’t fray out, but first, you need to cut out holes for your breasts can fit through!

Start by measuring how wide your hole should be (keeping in mind that the fabric will stretch) and then cutting out the holes you want. I prefer to use my sewing machine for this – it makes perfect, evenly spaced holes!

Step 4:

Fold over the rest of the edges to create a hemmed edge at all sides, fold underneath 1/4″ so the raw edge won’t show under your dress when wearing it, and sew down each line firmly once. Now, this is done, let’s turn this into a pocket ready for bra cups.

Step 5:

Take one of the bra cups and carefully roll it inside out starting from where you cut out your hole earlier on. Once completely turned inside out, slide the cup through the center until just below where your breasts are.

Step 6:

Once you have the fabric bra cup rolled right side out, put it through your center hole. You can use one hand to slowly push the fabric down until the top reaches where the edge is hemmed, which will create a pocket under your dress so that no skin is showing.

Because both sides of this cup are covered with stuff (fusible stabilizer and hemmed edge), there won’t be any tearing or fraying of fabric here – perfect for those who don’t like sewing elastic bands onto their dresses!

To wear it as a backless dress, make sure to wear a regular bra first before putting the cups on, and then wear your new DIY-fabric-bra-backless dress over it! 

Step 7:

If you’re making more than one cup, repeat steps 5-6. Overlapping the edges of each cup will help it keep its shape, or you can sew an elastic band around the top to keep it in place.

You can then wear your new bra cups with other outfits if desired!

Step 8:

Enjoy! If for any reason there is tearing on the fabric because you slid/rolled it through too fast, don’t worry about it.

This is already a fail-safe method to make sure there won’t be fraying along the edges when wearing your DIY-fabric-bra-backless-dress without storing the cups inside an old tube sock first haha.

Additionally, remember that you can sew a regular bra strap onto the side of the cup if you want to wear it over a regular bra instead of wearing straps from your dress!

Step 9:

Once you’ve tried this method, make sure to post pictures of your beautiful DIY-fabric-bra-backless-dress on Facebook or Twitter – I’d love to see all of your creations and share them with my friends! 


It’s very possible to make your bra cups if you’re into sewing. All you need is a regular bra and fusible stabilizer that you iron onto one side of the cup before turning it inside out and inserting it through a small hole in your dress.

This method works best for thicker fabrics like cotton since the fabric won’t rip/fray as easily when worn under a garment.

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